100 ESL Board Games eBook

100 Printable ESL Board Games

5 Board Game Styles x 20 ESL Topics

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Save time on lesson planning with these 100 ready-to-use ESL board games. This PDF eBook contains 100 printable board games for kids/beginner ESL students. There are five kinds of board games covering 20 different topics that are typically found in young learner and beginner ESL curricula. All board games are in black and white making them printer and photocopier friendly.

Topics included are:

  • Action Verbs: 5 Board Games
  • Animals: 5 Board Games
  • Classroom Objects: 5 Board Games
  • Clothes: 5 Board Games
  • Days Of The Week: 5 Board Games
  • Family: 5 Board Games
  • Feelings: 5 Board Games
  • Food: 5 Board Games
  • Jobs: 5 Board Games
  • Months: 5 Board Games
  • Parts Of The Body: 5 Board Games
  • Places Around Town: 5 Board Games
  • Plural Nouns: 5 Board Games
  • Prepositions: 5 Board Games
  • Present Progressive Tense: 5 Board Games
  • Rooms Of The House: 5 Board Games
  • School Subjects: 5 Board Games
  • Transportation: 5 Board Games
  • Weather: 5 Board Games
  • What Time Is It?: 5 Board Games

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Why Buy It

Board games are a great way to get students talking. Not only that, you'll save a lot of time on lesson planning! All these board games come with detailed instructions on how to play and can be played in pairs or small teams. Use them at the end of class to review or as a fun activity to get students using the lesson's target language.