600 Printable ESL Flashcards

Printable ESL Flashcards

600 Printable ESL Flashcards

Covering over 40 ESL Topics

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Always be prepared for class with these 600+ printable ESL flashcards. This flashcard pack covers 40 ESL topics that are typically taught to kids and beginner ESL students. You'll receive 40 sets of 'large' flashcards and 40 sets of smaller flashcards for students to hold. Each set contains eight flashcards. So that's 40x8 large flashcards (320) and 40x8 small flashcards (320).

Topics Included Are:

  • Action Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Animals
  • Body Parts
  • Buildings
  • Can/Can't
  • Classroom objects
  • Clothes
  • Colors
  • Countable and Uncountable Nouns
  • Countries
  • Daily Routine
  • Days Of The Week
  • Directions
  • Family
  • Feelings
  • Food
  • Jobs
  • Magic E
  • May I Borrow Your...
  • Musical Instruments
  • Phonics A to Z
  • Phonics CVC A
  • Phonics CVC E
  • Phonics CVC I
  • Phonics CVC O
  • Phonics CVC U
  • Plural Nouns
  • Prepositions
  • Present Progressive Tense
  • Rooms Of The House
  • School Subjects
  • Sea Animals
  • Seasons
  • Shapes
  • Sickness and Health
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Weather
  • What's The Time

How To Get It

After submitting your email address and payment details above, you'll receive an email with a link to download a ZIP file containing all the PDF flashcards (Note: You will not receive any physical flashcards - you'll receive PDF flashcards that you can print).

Why Buy It

Flashcards are incredibly useful and versatile when teaching English vocabulary. You can use them to drill vocabulary, play flashcard games, or to display in class. The small flashcards are also great for use in card games and speaking games as they are small enough for students to hold. The best part about having flashcards on your computer ready to print is the fact that you will save hours of time preparing for class!